this whole deadline for your schedule thing should have been told to people?? especially freshman. my advisory teacher said nothing. there were no papers or notices at all.

dont you fucking think if i was aware there was a deadline i would have done this last week.

im done with this goodnight

way to make my entire life hell broski :^)

its actually NOT that hard to switch me from spanish to a study hall so i truly do not understand why you can’t just switch me out??? the temporary guidance counselor even said that i have enough credits to pass this year even if i drop spanish so what the fuck why cant you just let me. this is exactly what i was afraid of and no one fucking told us there was a “”DEADLINE”” to change your schedule?? 


true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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american horror story blog
See what your followers think of you.

BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = hEY YOu, Yes You. I wanT 2 Eat UR ASS

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i need to get something off my chest

*takes off my nipple*

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wanting to talk to someone really bad

but they ignore your message

and you see them talking to other people

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